Norwegian in-door finals

Since this site is now concentrating on the beach volleyball tournaments in Stavanger throughout the years, we needed to stress the fact that todays post does not belong to that series. Yesterday I visited the finals of the Norwegian National Championships and tried to get some usable images with gear that is really not for sports. The event was the best ever, and we witnessed two matches of very high standards. The women match was played between Stod (in blue jerseys) and Oslo Volley (in red shirts). On the background of their fine results in the European Cups, Stod was the distinct favourite for their second cup. However, the team from Oslo showed a fighting spirit that we have not seen before, and won the match 3-1.
The two teams in the mens class were last years winners, BK Tromsø, and Nyborg from Bergen. Nyborg (in red shirts) had recently beaten their opponents 3-2 in the league, and would have to be called the favourites, with a very small margin only. And they lived up to it, and won in three sets under the direction of their legendary coach, Ivar Bakken.


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