Stavanger 2001 – 3


Stavanger 2001 – 2

Stavanger 2001 – 1

Brazilian Emanuel/Tande won in Stavanger this year, but the brothers from Switzerland, Martin and Paul Laciga, this time split the Brazilians on the podium, and got the silver. Ze Marco/Para got the third place. Final ranking.

Stavanger 2000 – 2

This will end the image collection from the second tournament in Stavanger. Ze Marco and Ricardo won, Marcio Araujo and Benjamin came second and Loiola and Emanuel filled up the podium with only Brazilians. For me it was interesting to once more see the brilliant Jean-Philippe Jodard and Christian Penigaud from France. This team had been in top in Europe for some years and had been the top contenders on this continent for the two Norwegian players, Jan Kvalheim and Bjørn Maaseide. If you want to see the complete results, take a look here.