Stavanger 2004 – 1

Another event in Stavanger. For me, first time with a digital camera. The first post has pictures from the following matches: Tychnova/Tychnova, CZE – Koutroumani/Arvaniti, GRE, Garcia/Gaxiola, MEX – Brandstetter/Borchard, AUT, De Vries/Link, NED – Clarke/Gerlic, AUS.


Stavanger 2003 – 7

I just add a few images from the great final match. USA against Brazil, as many times before, but another Brazilian team this time, Ana Paula and Sandra Pires, and they ended up on the top podium! Misty May and Kerry Walsh from USA was beaten this time, but came second, and on third place another world top team, from Brazil, Shelda and Adriana Behar.
For me, this year was the last with film in my camera. So from now on, I don’t have to scan every single image, because I followed the crowd and got myself a digital camera. For a photographer, everything became so much easier.

Stavanger 2006 – 6

I counted on finishing 2003 now, but still have so many images left, that there will have to be a no 7 also, from Stavanger 2003.