Montreal 1976 volleyball: Korea-Hungary II

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Brazilian defense

Montreal 1976. The only olympics I have attended. Today, Brazil in defence against Italy. And one attack. In the first image we can see 11 Fernando de Avila and 12 Paulo Petterie. In the next, Sergio Danilas is flying. Next picture shows the formidable Bernard Rajzman in attack. Another save in the last picture.
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Polen-Soviet Union in the final

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 In the first picture we find in white from left Marek Karbarz, Wieslaw Gawlowski and Ryszard Bosek. In the middle Russian Vladimir Chernyshov. In the second image USSR player no 2, Viatcheslav Zaitsev, 6 Pavel Selivanov and 1 Anatoly Polischuk. In the third image we see Wojtowicz Tomasz diving, 6 Gawlowski and 4 Edward Skorek.